Consumer Activation Platform

Enginio is our customer activation platform used for connecting and engaging your consumers, clients, and partners with your brand and company! 

One platform, unlimited activations

Have you been looking for an easy and effective way to activate your customers while creating engagement and a lasting relationship between them and your brand? What if I told you there’s a platform that makes all of that possible? 

Convert your consumers from anywhere

Enginio helps you increase conversion of your consumers from all channels; online or physical outlets and touchpoints — to truly be 360. You can gather all activations in one place to increase loyalty between your brand and the consumer, it’s just one click away!

Simplify your campaign management

Increase profitability in your activations by decreasing start or stop cost, as well as consumer acquisition cost when building activations to increase sales. With Engionio you can create, produce and manage all your offers, news, campaigns, and more in one place.

Why choose our Consumer Activation Platform


Everything in one place

Enginio truly is a 360 solution – increase conversions from all channels, both online and offline. 


Build loyalty

When your audience start to interact with your brand through the platform a relationship is formed, and loyalty is established. 

Increase efficiency

Enginio will help you increase your efficiency in conversation, loyalty and insights with your consumers.

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