Digital Shelf Analytics

Our digital shelf analytics solution is an advanced analytical technology that has set a new industry standard for the way brands and businesses work to increase their revenue online.

Optimize your sales online

Boost the performance of your products on the digital shelves! Through our technology we help you to monitor everything from online visibility to stock availability, like a digital mystery shopper. ​It ensures your availability at your retailer sites and maximizes your online intelligence, as well as your ability to be sold online 24/7.

Don’t lose customers to your competitors

The competition online is just as fierce as in the physical stores. That’s why digital shelf analytics has rapidly become popular among successful brands in the industry. You see, in the world of online retail products go missing or out-of-stock all the time. This could lead to your target group choosing a competitor’s brand instead of yours.

We've got you covered

Sit back and relax while we systematically monitor your sales at your online retailers. We detect lack of visibility, availability and incorrect content. Deficiencies will be reported back to you, and of course we will help you take the actions needed to fix the problems and maximize your visibility online.

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