Digital solutions

 We’re always looking for ways to optimize sales and make life easier for our clients – this has resulted in a bunch of innovative digital solutions.

Our digital solutions

No matter if you’re looking for a way to activate consumers, optimize your marketing efforts, or to train and communicate with your staff internally – we have a solution. 

Engagement & Training Platform

Communication is key – so why make it complicated? Our engagement & training platform is an easy and trackable way to distribute tailor made content with the purpose to train and communicate with your staff.

Digital Shelf Analytics

Boost the performance of your products on the digital shelves! Our digital shelf analytics solution helps you to monitor everything from online visibility to stock availability.

Media Buying & Targeting

Through our media buying & targeting solution we provide data to customize communications to your most receptive and relevant audiences. High reach & high quality targeting options without the use of private data or cookies/online IDs.

Designer AI Analytics

No organisation can afford to waste marketing spend – so why leave it up to chance? Measure the effectiveness of your content across all channels before your campaign ever goes live! This is possible with our designer AI analytics tool.

Consumer Activation Platform

With our consumer activation platform you can increase conversion of your consumers from all channels; online or physical outlets and touchpoints — to truly be 360. You can gather all activations in one place to increase loyalty between your brand and the consumer, it’s just one click away!